Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hungriness Is Next To Crankiness

I had big plans to leave work, go to the grocery store, go home, get in a quick run and prepare a feast for us to eat during tonight's election night coverage.  Unfortunately, I left work too late and was beyond hungry (you know that shaky hungry feeling?) by the time I left.  I stumbled around the grocery store (why can I never find anything when I'm hungry?), got stuck behind a really bad driver on my way home and then fumbled in the kitchen (can someone tell me how to make Spanish Rice?).  By the time Bruce got home I was NOT in a good mood.  I snipped and snapped until he decided to take a shower - at which point I just decided to restart the night.

Ack ... I need to be better about snacking in the afternoon so I don't hit that level of shaky hunger!  Luckily Bruce humored me and let me restart!

Let's back up.  I was late to work this morning because I was busy earning this pretty thing ...

Probably my last Georgia Voter sticker :( I actually didn't wear it so I could save it!

Like I said this morning, it was seriously a dreary morning in Atlanta.  Totally a soup (Campbells Chicken and Dumplings) kind of a day.  The problem with working in an office, however, is that it doesn't lend itself well to slowly heating soup on the stove and savoring every last bite.

So I bought an entire loaf of grainy bread and brought it to work with me and pretty much decided to forgo the spoon and just dunk!  It worked perfectly - those of you out there stuck in offices should definitely try this method!  It was much more savory than simply microwaving and slurping.  I only used about half the loaf, though - the rest will be there for tomorrow's soup.

(By the way, two cans of soup and that bread cost about $7 - $3.50 per lunch.  Not bad!  Could be better, but not bad.  And actually, if I wasn't training for a half marathon I probably could make that loaf last three or four days.)

Onto dinner ... Once I got my act together in the kitchen (my sweet husband took care of the vegetable chopping and dicing - I didn't trust myself with a knife tonight), we ended up with a delicious spread of Mexican food (yes, on United States election night).

Oh my goodness.  Yum-me.  And totally vegetarian!  I promise, I'm not becoming a vegetarian, but I've found that it is so much cheaper to cook without meat.  We heated up refried and black beans, chopped lettuce, tomatoes and onions and topped with a cheese blend.  SO DELICIOUS.

**What tips and tricks do you all have for cooking/eating more inexpensively?  I'm trying to massively scale down our grocery bill as we prepare for this move.**


Onto Wear a Dress Tuesday!  I was actually in a blah mood when I woke up this morning and then I realized it was WADT and instantly my mood was lifted!

Nighttime pic tonight.  I was standing super still for a slow shutter speed!

I was rocking a black business-y skirt, white shirt and black sweater.  Tall black spiky boots and ...

... lots of silver jewelry!  I felt so shiny today.

What did you all wear for WADT?


Okay, that's all for today.  I'm off to watch the election results come in and snuggle with my ever-so-patient husband.


Remember - Eat when you're hungry, don't wait until you get cranky.  Amen.


  1. Jason and I see this in each other... we can tell when the other NEEDS FOOD. :D I really don't like when either one of us gets to That Point...

    we don't get to "go to the polls" anymore here in Oregon... we have mail - in and drop off sites... so no more stickers! I miss those...

  2. My best tip for eating inexpensively is to always make sure that you have something quick and easy available to eat! Our biggest weakness is being in a lazy mood and going "ok, let's just buy that pizza from the supermarket and have that". Instead, I've started buying things like potatoes and pulses in bulk, cooking them, and keeping them in portion-sized bags in the freezer.

    I haven't been to the poles since I learnt I could vote by post, but as I've started volunteering for a political party, I might be one of those people there on polling day next time! An exciting thought.

  3. *polls* Gargh, forgive me - it's before 8am!


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