Friday, October 22, 2010

Cleaning Up, Cleaning Out, Moving Out, Moving Up!

TGIF!  Look at this beautiful explosion of fall outside my window!

It seems like the leaves changed color overnight.

This is my absolute FAVORITE part of fall.

So pretty!

I had originally planned on coming home after work and heading out for a run, but with the days getting shorter, I wasn't sure I really wanted to be running in the dark.  I also need to get used to running in the morning, so I think I'll just rest up tonight and run tomorrow first thing!  I made myself a big breakfast for dinner instead ...


In lieu of a run, I'm going to hunker down and clean UP and clean OUT.  I had the hardest time sleeping last night because I kept thinking about what a mess our apartment has become and how much needs to be organized before we can even start to pack!  I also have the usual bills to pay, paperwork to take care of, last minute ordination stuff that I need to finish and I just need to make the time to DO IT.  I think I will feel a lot better if I can at least get started on the cleaning up and out part of things tonight.

It's strange - we are moving into a MUCH bigger space than we are currently living in (movin' on up!), but we still are determined to clean out before we leave!  Does that even make sense?  We are really just overwhelmed with our stuff right now and realized how much of a simpler life we would ideally like to lead.

I hate transitions, I hate packing and I hate moving, but I love the opportunity they give you for a fresh start!

Wish me luck. :)

Have a great night!

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  1. It makes total sense to clean out before you start packing! Why on earth would you want to move things that you don't want or need anymore?! Andrew and I made at least half a dozen FULL truck load trips to Goodwill before we moved to FL...and trust me...we still got rid of more stuff once we started unpacking and placing things. Do the work now so it will be easier later.


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