Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wear a Dress Tuesday With No Internet

So our internet went out at work today around 2:20 and NO ONE KNEW WHAT TO DO.  We all kind of wandered the halls of our office aimlessly.  Eventually we just left.  If anything, most of us could at least work from home.

When I told Bruce I was leaving, his response was, "You mean to tell me you couldn't find ANYTHING to do that didn't involve the internet?"  My response?  "Ummm, I made a to-do list for tomorrow before I left."

What did we do before internet?  It's kind of a mystery to me.

Moving right along ...

Today's WADT outfit was almost 100% courtesy of my mom.

The skirt she bought at NY&Co years and years and years ago and then decided she didn't like it (along with the brown and green one just like it!) and gave them to me!  We found this shirt at Kohls on Thursday afternoon for 75% off - don't you love it when that happens?  I did buy the shoes myself :) - at Off Broadway Shoes at the beginning of the summer (I wore them all summer at the hospital).  Though they were also on sale.

I think my general rule of thumb is, "Don't pay full price for something that will eventually go on sale."

I love Sara's hair today!  Seriously - her natural color is so rich, she should be a model for one of those hair dye commercials.  She says, I'm wearing a casual ensemble today. Spring Kelly Green sundress over grey leggins' with a brown GAP cropped-sleeved jacket and flapper pearls.

My mom was showing her friend Gloria how much she is learning on her new computer and they video iChatted me this morning and showed me their dresses!  I love getting texts, messages and e-mails throughout the day from people telling me they're wearing a dress.  I got a couple today from people who were participating for the first time and each time I got a huge smile on my face.  I love Tuesdays!  I was so tired this morning after getting delayed last night, but when I remembered it was Tuesday I jumped out of a bed and ran into my closet.

I'm off to unpack (yeah, I didn't get that far last night) and rehydrate.  I went for a quick run this afternoon and didn't drink enough water during the day, so I am parched now!  I'll uploads my stats and get that post up tomorrow morning.

Have a good night!

Question:  If your internet were to go out, could you work without it?  Apparently it was a UNIVERSITY-WIDE outage!

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  1. You look great!
    I honestly have wondered many times how people survive with no Internet .... It's a bit sad


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