Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back in Atlanta ...

... where the smog is thick and the traffic is thicker.

After a holdup on the runway last night (a series of storms rolled through the NYC/Newark area and they had to clear the airspace for about an hour), I took off and headed south.

Because of the delay I was able to watch the most gorgeous sunset before we took off ...

... and by the time we got into the air the light just burst through through the clouds - it was so pretty!  The plane was also half empty, so I had an entire row to myself - I just put my feet up and stared out the window for most of the flight.

I'm off to get caught up on life and work.  Happy Wear a Dress Tuesday!  Send me your pictures and I'll be back later with an update!



  1. Did you bring any of that cool Connecticut weather back with you? It's been kind of warm down here and would love for it to be cooler when we get back on Saturday...

  2. Lovelove flights like those!! Unlike the completely full ones where the only seats left are the middle ones. -_- Glad you made it home safely :)

  3. Looking at your pictures of CT actually brought tears to my eyes. Fall in CT is my absolute favorite time to be home. It makes me think of my mom's home made apple pies and caramel apples. That New England fall smell. And how much I miss my family. I hope you enjoyed your family! Sometimes being an adult is so hard, and not in the usual ways.


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