Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Post In Which I Declare My Love For Steve Jobs

Somehow I ended up in two different Apple Stores on two separate occasions today.  For two unrelated reasons.

I think I have a problem.

Actually, I just have cool toys.  Let's start with Trip to the Apple Store #1.

The fan on my computer had been running on overdrive, so I had it shipped off to California to get looked at.  I got a call today that it was ready so I headed over after work to pick it up.  While I was stopped at a red light on my way home, I snuck a peak at the work order that listed all the parts that they replaced:

ODD Super Drive
Top Case

The best part?  The entire repair was F-R-E-E.  I bought the Apple Care plan when I bought my computer, which covers it for three years!  I feel like I have a new computer now!

Anyway, I went home, ate dinner and decided that if I'm seriously going to run this half marathon I'm going to need a better way to track my workouts (my current method is using the stop watch feature on my iPod, but that only tracks time, not distance).

Insert: Nike+

Nike and Apple have teamed up to create a way to track your workouts using your iPod and a bluetooth-enabled chip.  Bruce used one to train for his half marathon back in March and he absolutely loves it, so I thought I would try it out.  Because I have an iPod touch the only thing I needed to buy was the chip, which only cost $19.99.  Sweet!  This time I decided to head to the larger, closer and always much more hectic Apple Store.

Bruce helped me get it set up when I got home and I set out for a run.  When I got home I set up an account on the Nike+ website.  I'm still working up my mileage, so my goal was to run about 15 minutes and then walk about 30.  Here's how I did ... 

I covered 2.31 miles in just under 45 minutes.  I'm still figuring out how to read the chart, but I think I ran for the first 1.3 miles or so at an 8/8:15 pace (after I walked out to the entrance to my apartment complex).

I love new toys.  Am I a dork for looking forward to running this weekend just so I can track them?


  1. I'm jealous that you've gone running this week.... I've run about 1/4 of what I usually do by this time of the week!

  2. No you are not a dork, just a kid who loves her toys... (takes one to know one although I'm not into the exercise toys yet)... Stay cool and have a great last week of CPE!!!


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