Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Bowl Overfloweth With Fruits & Veggies

Mannnnn, it's HOT OUTSIDE!  I waited until 6:00 to go for a run, but it was still 96.6 degrees out when I left!  I opted for a walk instead.

Bruce and I took a trip to the farmer's market tonight. (Our closest market is the Dekalb Farmers Market - it's international, not local, so there is quirky stuff from alllll over the world) We weren't after anything in particular, we just wanted to wander and grab whatever looked good.  I did want to get the ingredients to make pico de gallo and guacamole, so we grabbed tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, limes and avacodos.  We also got iceburg and romaine lettuce, spring onions, apples, mangos, pears and plums.

The best part (besides fresh produce that will last longer than what I buy at the grocery store)?  Our total bill was $15 and we have produce to last us through next week!

Does anybody else go to a farmer's market on a regular basis?  I think one of the deciding factors in wherever we move to should be proximity to a farmer's market.


  1. I LOVE farmer's markets. We have one every Saturday by us. Well, we have them all over town, but we have tons of farms here in Colorado!

    You'll have to post your recipes for pico de gallo!

  2. Oh how I miss the DeKalb Farmer's Market!!! We have flea markets in this area...but they are open only on Sunday mornings...and I am occupied during that time. What I want to do is plant a vegetable garden. I have the space for it! Now I just need the direction to do it.

  3. Are you using PW's recipe for pico? It's delicious, and I'll warn you, quite addicting!!

  4. Farmers markets are awesome! The one I have out here certainly doesn't qualify as close... well over a 30 minute drive, but it is the only place I have seen produce this cheap. One time I got strawberries (1 lb containers), 3/$1!!!

  5. We have a farmer's market every saturday morning from 8-12 downtown. I go sometimes - about once a month. i like it!! wish they had more stuff though (it's local, not national - that is nice!)

    & i know, i can't believe the HEAT!!! We're in Louisiana, but my mom said that one of our relatives said the heat index in Jackson Mississippi was 108 yesterday!! That is UNHEARD OF!

  6. I would absolutely LOVE to have a farmer's market near my home. I've always loved them, but so far I haven't seen one around here. And this Texas heat is slowly killing me, too! I can never get out of the house or any place with AC because I would burn alive!

  7. When I'm in Lancaster, I try to go to Central Market as much as possible. And with having a house located approximately 10 minutes from said market, you can believe I'll be hitting it up every week. While at home, we have a local market that is set up by the train tracks. Super cute, and it's usually like a reunion of church folks. Love it- so much better for you/environment/local business/your wallet.

  8. My parents are big into farmer's markets, and though I've gone quite a few times when them, I've never actually gone to one on my own.


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