Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sometimes I Wish Steve Jobs Was My Uncle

So after an hour at the apple store, I still don't know what's wrong with my computer.  Are there any apple-geniuses out there?  Here's what's been going on ...

The fan has been running a lot (sometimes when I only have one or two programs up) and it's been getting very hot and causing the battery to drain.  When the fan really gets going sometimes it runs a little slowly and it won't shut down normally.  Initial tests at the apple store showed nothing wrong with the fan OR battery.  I'm thinking it's a hardware problem?  Or a software problem?  I'm going to have to send it out, but I wanted to back everything before I did that so I still have it.

While we were waiting for the diagnostics to run, I asked the girl helping me to show me how to permanently delete photos and videos from iPhoto.  I had a feeling that when I was deleting stuff it wasn't actually getting erased and I wanted to clean out my photos and videos.  My hard drive started to fill up fast after I got my camera!  While I was going through my files tonight, I found the following video ... 

Birthday Snow With Lilly from Sarah Weaver on Vimeo.

Now I'm going to close my eyes and pretend the weather forecast doesn't look like this -

Goodnight y'all.


  1. Temperatures are about 10 degrees higher in AZ this week and the chance of showers is slightly higher. However, the 40% chance of showers that we've had all week has produced exactly 3 raindrops that I've seen this week. Somehow, being the math teacher and all, I know that doesn't work!!!

  2. That's how it is in Memphis too. I'm not sure Lilly was a fan of the snow. I sure hope we get a blizzard here this winter! Oh you've got me wanting the seasons to hurry up and change!

  3. I love y'all...but it's not that hot. Just sayin'...drink lots of water!


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