Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Simple Reminders

I am not going to lie - I had a terrible day.  I got in my car to drive home and made it as far as the highway (probably a mile and a half from the hospital) before I burst into tears.  I cried the entire way home, immediately changed into workout clothes and took a looooooooooooong walk while listening to the Wicked soundtrack.  That helped.

You know what also helped?  Looking at this picture.

The botanical garden has an edible garden in one section that showcases how to grow different produce specifically in the Atlanta climate.  There are signs everywhere telling people not to pick/eat the food and at one point I wondered out loud what happened to the food.  Then I saw this sign.

So - yes.  My day sucked.  I wish I could talk about it.  But I can't.  So for now I am grateful for simple reminders that good things are happening in the world.

I am also grateful for my friends and family - both in real life and in the blog world.  You all are amazing.


  1. praying for you for peace and some deep sleep tonight and that you will see some of the fruits of your service tomorrow...

  2. I'm so sorry, I'm think of you and praying for you :)

  3. Awww, chin up girlie! Sometimes though we all just need a good cry. I had one of those days last week : )

    Hope your week takes a turn for the better! Much love and prayers from Arkansas!


  4. i'm so sorry you had a rough day! :(

  5. I had some days like that in CPE, too. Hang in there!


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