Monday, July 26, 2010

Sesame and Ginger Chicken Salad

So it's been awhile since I've posted a recipe - but, let's face it, it's hot.  I've been eating a lot of yogurt, peanut butter and jelly and ice lately.

And salads.  Lots and lots of salads.  And like I said when I posted the recipe for Mandarin Orange and Pineapple Chicken Salad, I appreciate new ideas and ways of dressing up a head of lettuce.  That leads me to today's recipe ...

Sesame and Ginger Chicken Salad
(Makes one salad!)

1 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
1 cup uncooked rice
Romaine Lettuce
1 tomato
1 cucumber
Walnuts (1/4 cup-ish)
Sesame and Ginger Vinaigrette Dressing

Start by boiling your chicken.

And cooking your rice

While everything is cooking, wash and chop your vegetables.


Start building your salad.  Let the rice simmer for 20 minutes and add it to the top.

If I only have one piece of chicken I usually throw it in the water first, then turn the rice on and take the chicken out when the rice is done (about 25 minutes between boiling and simmering) so I know it's had plenty of time to cook.

Chop up the chicken (for this salad I actually only used half of this piece).

Add the chicken and try not to drool as this all comes together.

Walnuts are expensive.  However - this brand was cheaper than the store brand.

Toss on a handful.

It's still missing something ... 

Ahhhh, yes.  The ultimate cake salad topper.

Doesn't that look delicious?


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  1. Yum! And it looks like it will actually fill you up too!


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