Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Usually Not This Sappy, But ...

So Bruce was out of town this weekend visiting his family.  He flew out Friday morning, but because I was on call Thursday night and didn't get home until 9:30 Friday morning, I had to say goodbye to him when I left for work on Thursday.  I know there are worse things to go through than being apart from your husband for five days - in fact I see a lot of them at hospital.  But, still - I missed him.  And I realized once again just how lucky I am.

Let's back up.  On Friday night I was driving home from a fundraiser at the church when I noticed my car was bobbling on the highway.  And not in the "it's windy so I just need to keep two hands on the wheel" kind of way.  It was bobbling in the "hmm my tire feels like it might fly off" kind of way.  I didn't really feel safe making the 45 minute trip home from church, let alone the 2 hour trip to Alabama I had planned for Saturday.

So I called Bruce.  At 12:30 in the morning.  Sobbing.  I'm not sure what I expected him to do from 800 miles away, but what I did do was manage to upset and worry him because his wife was six states away freaking out, but still planning a road trip with a car that needed work.

I'll spare you the details but we hung up around 1:30 and went to bed.  At 6:30 the next morning he sent me a text saying he had talked to the manager of the service department at the dealership he works at and they were expecting me to stop by to have them fix my car on my way out of town.

I arrived at the dealership at 8:30.  The guy who Bruce said was expecting me stopped what he was doing, took my car and an hour later I was on the road again, this time with correctly balanced tires - and feeling much safer!

Meanwhile, back in Pennsylvania, Bruce was fishing with some of his friends.  Even after I had kept him up late worrying about my car and then forced him to get up early to work out the logistics of getting it fixed, I saw the following facebook status Saturday night from one of the friends he went fishing with ... 

I love him.


  1. aww... that comment from him is so sweet... if only every guy was that wonderful...

  2. Awwwwwww!!!! I knew I liked your husband!!!

  3. AWWWW! I love love love that facebook status!! How sweet! :) :) Sweet hubbies are the best. :)


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