Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Rules of Racquetball

Kari's back in town.  She has some sort of test to take tomorrow that is required for all med students and only administered in five cities in the country, Atlanta being one of them.  When I got home from the hospital this morning, Bruce and Kari told me they were heading to the gym to play racquetball if I wanted to join them (either to play or just work out).  Kari told me I should try to get some pictures of them playing, so I grabbed my camera on my way out the door, not really sure how to even attempt action photography in a glass box under fluorescent lights.

It was a noteworthy attempt.

I started off outside of the court.  I figured, after all, that the court is enclosed for a reason.  Bringing an extremely expensive camera into one probably isn't the smartest idea.

But then I reviewed my first couple of photos and realized that the entire gym was reflected in the glass.  Yuck.  So - against my better judgment - I went in.

I still wasn't happy with the photos I was taking.  I didn't have enough light, so my shutter speed was too slow and I was getting blurry arms and legs.  So I did something that I NEVER do.

I turned on my flash.  I ended up with less blurred photos, but I still wasn't happy with the way they were lit.  I need an external flash.  So then I changed lenses, figuring I could get more light with my 50 mm lens, a lens that allows for a wider aperture (aperture is the circle in the lens that allows light through - the wider the opening, the more light allowed in).

Eh.  Bruce still has a blurry arm.  I started to get frustrated.

It was at this point that I thought perhaps I should just call a spade a spade, admit that there is no good way to shoot the game of racquetball and get the heck out of the court before I (or even worse - my camera) got hit by the ball.  I had a feeling I was already pushing my luck.

Then I took this picture.

Look carefully at this picture.  Notice anything?

Here, let me help you out ...

If you're wondering if that ball hit me or my camera the answer is yes and yes.  Which leads me to two points.

1. Keep a UV filter on your lenses at all times.  My lens took a direct hit and doesn't have so much of a scratch on it.
2. Trust your instinct.  If your instinct says, "Maybe you should leave this racquetball court before you get hit by a ball" - you probably should.

Actually, come to think of it, you probably just shouldn't go into a racquetball court while a game is going on unless you're actually playing in the game.

This post can probably be safely filed under, "Way to state the obvious".


p.s. Does anyone else play racquetball?  It's actually a really fun game.  I get super competitive when Bruce and I play.  One time I missed a point, threw my racquet across the court and cursed, to which Bruce replied, "Sarah!  You're going to be a pastor!"

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  1. I'm glad your camera is still ok! I've never played, however my husband loves this game and used to play all the time in college


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