Monday, July 19, 2010

The One Where I Realized Friends Lied

I love the television show Friends.  I watched it religiously when it aired, own all 10 seasons on DVD and turn it on if I can't fall asleep at night.

That being said ... I think Friends gave me an unrealistic picture of life in your mid twenties.  Think about it - the show consisted of six friends in their mid (to eventually late) twenties who lived in apartments much bigger than mine, spent most of their day sipping lattes in a coffee shop, ate out a lot and took fantastic vacations almost every year.

Now let's talk about MY mid twenties.  I have spent the last seven years at two very expensive schools, only to have to graduate and have to do a craaaaaaaazy intense internship (unpaid where I actually owe tuition!).  I haven't been on a real vacation in three years and my passport is collecting dust.  I spent last night clipping coupons (which is totally another post for another day) and drove to three different stores today while grocery shopping to try to find the best deals.

I was pondering my life this afternoon and called my parents to explain to them that Friends had lied and no one had properly prepared me for my twenties.

Bad idea.

My parents are on vacation.

In Arizona.

They were at the Grand Canyon yesterday and today.

When I called them they were attending a photography workshop.

A PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP.  AT the Grand Canyon.  Where the instructor taught and then sent them out to practice what they learned.  Using the Grand Canyon as a subject/background.

To say that I'm jealous is an understatement.  When I told my dad I was jealous (okay, okay, maybe I was whining), he responded with, "Hey, I'm 56 years old!"

I cannot wait until I'm 56 years old.  56 will be my reward for making it through 25.

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  1. Girl, i know! I loved my twenties, but i definitely did not get to go on vacations! I might have went to the beach twice? For a weekend? My parents go on cruises now all the time & my mom doesn't even work... SIGH. ONE DAY!


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