Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happiness * Love * Luck * Celebration

In Vietnam, the color red symbolizes happiness, love, luck and celebration.  In the fall of 2001, my Aunt Leslie adopted a baby girl from Vietnam.  Leslie, my mom, her other sister and Leslie's partner Steve sister travelled to Vietnam bring her home.  The morning they travelled to the orphanage to pick up my beautiful and sweet cousin, they all wore red.  That color has a special place in my family - my bridesmaids even wore red at my wedding!

This weekend is the first weekend the interns are on call by themselves.  While I'm not on call until Friday night, I offered to come in for part of the day today.  The intern scheduled to be on call graciously accepted - Sundays are long (26 hours) and involve two worship services.  I am on call the next two Sundays so I would kind of like to go through the motions before I have to do it by myself.

I think I'll wear red today.


  1. Good luck!! I start tomorrow and couldn't be more scared to death. Also - that picture is the background on my computer!!

  2. Good luck girly! You'll look beautiful in red!

  3. My bridesmaids wore red too at my wedding! I'm going to have to post some pics soon on my blog. :)


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