Saturday, June 5, 2010

It Took Him Three and a Half Years ...

... but Bruce finally got me to go fishing with him!

Can you tell he was excited?
As important as it is for us to have our own 'things' that we can enjoy by ourselves, I think it is equally important to at least try each other's hobbies and interests once or twice.  Bruce definitely needs his time alone to fish, decompress and worship, but he also wants to share it with me from time to time - I love that!

I realized this morning that I have absolutely ZERO clothes that are appropriate for fishing.  I wanted to wear a skirt and leggings and Bruce looked at me like I had three heads.  I pulled out these shorts that I haven't worn in five years - who knew they still fit?

My adventurous husband decided that it would be fun to try a new place, so we got on I-20 and headed east of the city about an hour and a half.

And boy oh boy - we were NOT in Atlanta anymore.
(Insert Dueling Banjos)

We went to the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Center in Mansfield, Georgia.  It was so beautiful!

When Bruce parked the truck, I practically fell out of the passenger side door, camera in hand, snapping photos.

Oh, yes - the truck!  I haven't mentioned that part of our life on here yet.  As soon as I got my CPE placement, Bruce started looking seriously at getting a car/truck again.  He sold his jeep back in 2008 because it wasn't necessary for us to have two cars (we live three miles from Emory, so I could either walk, ride the scooter or have Bruce drop me off).  When we realized that I need to be downtown at all hours of the night for CPE, it became increasingly apparent to both of us that I needed my car back.

This truck came to the car dealership and Bruce just fell in love with it.  It was really just what he wanted - a small truck where he could store lots of gear.  He found that toolbox on Craigslist for super cheap and has been giving the truck all sorts of TLC ever since.  It is in great condition and will get us through the next couple of years nicely (obviously not a family vehicle, ha!).

Anyway, this post is about fishing.  Not about Bruce's new truck.  Moving right along ... 

Bruce got all of our gear together and we headed down to one of the ponds to throw a couple of flies and see if we couldn't get a couple of fish to bite.

Unfortunately, the only thing biting for me was the mosquitoes.  Bruce did get a couple of little ones, but I think he was distracted by his spastic wife flailing an expensive fly rod around and calling it "casting".  I had fun, though - I could see where it would be relaxing to spend hours observing the water and throwing your line.

It was extremely hot, so we packed it up after an hour or two.  On our way out of the site, we passed these beautiful guys ... 

I told you we were out in the country - you don't see a whole lot of horses inside the Atlanta perimeter!

Hi!  You're pretty.  And friendly.

We've been camped out in the air conditioning ever since - so refreshing!  Meanwhile, Bruce is scouring the maps looking for more new places to fish.  I think this little adventure only wetted his appetite to fish bodies of water other than the Chattahoochee.

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing Saturday!

Have you ever tried something you normally would NOT because a friend / family member / significant other really enjoyed it?


  1. Good to know Bruce is getting his moneys worth out of that sunscreen infused shift! And it would have been amazing if Dueling Banjos had actually been dueling tubas...

  2. great pictures!!!

    that's so great how you tried one of his hobbies :)

  3. This looks like a fun trip!! Yall are so cute!


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