Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Would Like to Thank My Mom for Making This Blog Post Happen

Here's something to ponder ... 

... what, exactly, is Bruce doing is this picture?

Anyone have any guesses?


Well ... maybe this picture will help you out ... 

Yes.  That is a tent.  In my living room.

Last night there was a tent in my living room.

Why, you ask?  Because my mom gave Bruce "fun money" for his birthday at the beginning of the month and this is what he came home with yesterday from REI.  Who knew that when you buy a tent you have to immediately test it out?

In your living room.

Apparently he "can't wait to take his wife hiking."


Thanks, Mom.


  1. I knew it was a tent!!! Why you may ask? Because my husband has done the EXACT SAME THING! I'm beginning to think these two were separated at birth.

  2. atta boy Bruce!!

    Sarah, you only have to be worried if he starts using camp stoves in the house...

  3. Sarah - I read this outloud to Bruce and he said, cool maybe he'll go camping with me!!

    Gib - Yeah he did that last fall. In our fireplace. I'm starting to understand why everyone in Myerstown was so shocked when he moved to a city for me.

  4. Did ya'll sleep in it last night? Spencer loves tents, haha. But I don't "do" camping!

    How did you and Bruce meet? If you've blogged about it before you can just direct me to that post :)

  5. I love it! Want to know why?

    Scroll to the bottom of this post I did a while back :o) :o) :o)


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