Saturday, April 17, 2010

This Is What My Saturday Looked Like ...

... camped out on the 4th floor of Candler's academic building.

The plan was originally to go to the library, but I decided I wanted to be able to drink coffee and water and snack on wheat thins and honey nut cheerios while I worked - neither of which I can do at the library.

I did manage to finish up my Domestic Violence paper AND get a ton of reading done for my directed study - yay!!  Here's what my to-do list looks like now ... 

Chaplaincy in a Multi-Religious Context
Final Case Study - 10 pages

Crisis Ministry
Teaching Presentation & Outline - 30 minutes
Teaching Reflection - 2 pages

Pastoral Care with Victims of Domestic Violence
Final Project - 5 pages
Presentation - 15 minutes

Directed Study
Final Paper - 12-15 pages
Resource Guide

My presentation for Domestic Violence is on Tuesday but I'm hoping that I won't have to do too much prep work for it.  I will most likely pull that together Monday night and then on Tuesday I will be able to cross off another class!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday and were actually able to go out and ENJOY it!!

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  1. Man, your days sound busy! Today is Tuesday so I hope your presentation went well!


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