Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yep, that one word describes me right now.  I am stranded in Connecticut.  The short version of the story is that we had a horrendous storm last night and AirTran had to cancel the flight out of HPN to ATL, bumping everyone from yesterday's flight onto today's flight and bumping those of us scheduled to fly out tonight onto tomorrow's flight (I am not quite sure what happens to the people who are supposed to fly out tomorrow).

The long version is ... well ... probably of no interest to anyone other than mother (who is just happy to have me for another night) and my husband (who is a poor stranded bachelor for one more night).

Needless to say ... here I am.  Completely packed with no place to go!!  So for right now I am hanging out on the couch with my parents dogs, working on a paper and watching NCIS on DVD.

Thanks, AirTran ... I needed another day of Spring Break.


  1. This was God's way of actually getting you to pack ahead of time. ha.

  2. You know, being packed and ready to go and not being able to go is one frustrating situation. Thankfully you're with your mom - make some more memories until it's time to go!


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