Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's a Family Thing

My dad's show opens on Friday!!  This year his students are putting on Seussical (last year they did Beauty & the Beast, you can read about my trip up to see it here and see a picture I posted here) and they are doing such a wonderful job.  My mom and sister and I were all at the school last night and it was just a fury with activity.  They were working on dances, testing wireless microphones, trying on costumes and tweaking the scenery.

Oh, yeah.  And playing with the bubble machine my father bought for the show.

You saw that right.   I said bubble machine.  If only that had been around in time for my wedding ... 

Anyway, I was admiring the scenery yesterday and told my parents that we should climb up on part of it and take a family picture.  It is, after all, a Keck Family affair.  It's a family thing.

Isn't that fun?  As we crawled down, my sister said, "I smell a Christmas card ..."

Here is a sneak peak at some of the other scenery ... 

(I feel like I am missing part of my childhood, because I have never heard of The Lorax)

(Come to think of it, I have never heard of Sneetches either)

Backdrops ... 

This is probably the cleanest the pit will ever look.

The Cat in the Hat.  Who will be sword fighting with the conductor during the opening scene of the second act.

They are certainly going to put on a fabulous show!!  I am flying back to Atlanta tomorrow, but Bruce and I will both be flying back up here to see it closing weekend.

New Milford area folks - if you're interested in getting tickets, get in touch with me!!


  1. That's funny that you haven't heard of The Lorax. Zac told me I'm the lorax of cats the other day. Haha

  2. Ok, so I happened to spend today at Borders reading Dr. Seuss Books to my four-year-old Godson. First, Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham are the best. One Fish, Two Fish, Red, Fish, Blue fish is fun, but hard to read. Fox in Socks is just too hard for anyone. It is so much of a tongue twister that his dad taped me trying to muddle thru it, and it was a disaster.

    Finally--the Lorax--which I always thought I loved, is completely depressing! Its a great message, but just completely sad. It totally made me want to go plant some trees.

    Ok, was not trying to blog on your blog, but if you were like me and hadn't read most of the Seuss collection at all or since childhood, I thought you should be warned. Stay away from Fox in Socks. At all costs.

  3. How have you not heard of the Lorax!! Or the Sneetches!! I heart Dr. Seuss. Although now that I think about it I think I know those books from baby-sitting and not necessarily from my own childhood. Anything written by Dr. Suess is fabulous!! I'm glad you had a great trip!

  4. You know i LOVED this post!!! YAY! :)


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