Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

I've often said that while fall is my favorite season, spring is the season I always need the most. And never has it been more true than this year.

It's been one of those weeks. I literally hit the ground running when my plane landed on Sunday night and I have no idea where the past couple of days have gone.  Part of it has been Natasha - I've been so sad for Lynn and her family that I haven't even looked at the news.  I don't want the media's commentary on her death.  I just want to be sad and pray and let life be still.  So - needless to say - I'm out of touch with what's going on in the rest of the world.

I'm ready for school to be over.  I feel like I'm at a point where Candler has laid a solid foundation for pastoral ministry and the rest can be filled in through experience.  I'm frustrated with a lot of my classes this semester and just all-in-all am ready for the year to be over.  There's a good chance I will have a renewed sense of excitement for school after the wedding - with the plans consuming a lot of my life, it's hard to even want to focus on anything else.  I really just need to put some blinders on when I'm working on school stuff, get it done and get on with it!!

Daddy's show opens tonight.  I HATE the fact that I'm not there for opening night, but next week just made so much more sense.  And I'll be happy to be there.  But it's still hard to be away right now.  It's just a reminder of how ready I am to fly back to (or closer to, anyway) the coup.  I spread my wings in a big way by moving to Atlanta and it's been so wonderful for us.  But I will be happier when Bruce and I are closer to our families so we can be around for the big things (without having to think far ahead and deal with flying).  This picture was one that I took last week when I was watching them run through Act 1.  Half of the cast is in costume because the press showed up so the costume and prop ladies scrambled so there would be so good shots in the paper.  This was taken during "Be Our Guest" (about 45 seconds before the confetti canons went off!!)

... and now for something that doesn't involve me complaining (because there are lots of good things going on right now!!) ... 

My cousin Jodi is in Atlanta on business and her business actually took her to Emory today!!  She and I had coffee after her meeting and it was really nice to be able to catch up with her.  I didn't see her much at her wedding (she was making the rounds) so it was fun to see how married life is, how life in D.C. is and also get her perspective on some of my own wedding glitches.  Having the whole planning process fresh in her mind, she had a lot of really good tips for me.  The funny thing is - her mom is actually at my parent's house right now with some of my other family for my dad's show!!  It's like a multi-state reunion!!  It's strange how you take extended family for granted, grow up, semi-enter the real world and miss getting to see them all the time.

I've heard from Neal a few times this week!!  It's so great to just know that he's a click of a button away and is the same Neal who used to live two houses down from me in college.  He's part of a wonderful ministry over there right now - he's sent several pictures treating Iraqi children for minor infections, etc.  I love seeing him do what I know he's called to do.

I managed to send out all of my Thank You notes from my bridal shower on Tuesday, which was a big relief.  I never got a chance to post pictures of the shower - so I thought I would give you all a window into some of the fun!!

FiestaWare!!  I love it and can't wait to complete the set and host wonderfully bright dinner parties!!

A beautiful photo album.  People brought tons of albums and frames which is going to be SO wonderful after the wedding when I have lots of pictures that need organizing and hung.  I can't wait!!

Me and my "bouquet" - no one explained to me that I wasn't supposed to break any ribbons and I broke three!!  AHH!!!!!  If anyone wants my breaks, I'll be happy to let you have them. :)

Three Hungarian Women.  Intense.

With Peace, Hope & Love,

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