Monday, October 26, 2009

Back in Atlanta!!

After a wonderful whirlwind weekend ... a weekend that consisted of a 13-hour drive through the rain from Georgia to Pennsylvania, a shopping extravaganza with my guest blogger Sarah, dinner with a bunch of rowdy Penn State fans, Bruce surprising my parents, an amazing 150th anniversary celebration at St. Johns, a beautiful fall-colored drive to Connecticut and a morning in Kent, CT ... I am back in Atlanta!!  I have a paper due tomorrow that I started about 25,000 feet in the air, but I will be back throughout the week to talk about why I love the northeast, why my family is awesome, why I am proud to be part of the UCC and why I have the greatest friends ever.

But for the time being ...

... there is a hot air balloon landing pad near the PA/NJ state border on I-78.  It was GORGEOUS on Sunday so we saw dozens flying over the highway!!

Doesn't that look peaceful?  And kind of terrifying at the same time ...


  1. I seem to remember a news story about someone falling out of one of those not too long ago...

  2. Neal, don't tell me things like that.


  3. When I was like four I went up in a (tethered) hot air balloon. It was LOUD.


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