Friday, October 2, 2009

Guest Blogger - Right vs. Wrong

I am excited for two reasons today - first of all it's Friday (!!) and second of all I have a special guest blogger bringing a message to you all today!!!!!

Let me tell you about this awesome blogger.  Sarah and I met our freshmen year of college - we lived on the same hall, Paisley 3.  We bonded over our love of showtunes, Gilmore Girls and veggie wraps and have been friends ever since.

After we graduated from Ursinus, Sarah went on to American University to get her masters and now works for a small PR firm in southeast Pennsylvania.  She and I co-author a blog here.

Oh - and now that I've changed my name, we're practically the same person.  I'm not even joking.  Both of our names start with Sarah Elizabeth We_ _ _ _  AND our last names both have four additional letters after the "We."  Strange, right?

So ... Enjoy a new perspective!!

Hi! I’m Sarah. Not your regularly scheduled Sarah, but a Sarah all the same. Anyway, I asked Sarah if I could guest post on her blog and she graciously said yes!

Lately, she and I have been discussing the concept of “doing the right thing.” You know the whole what would Jesus do in this situation thing.

I recently had a choice about what action to take and, after a lot of deliberation, I chose to do what I considered to be the “right” thing. Certainly not the easy thing, but the right thing. And, it has been less than delightful. In fact, it’s usually less than delightful for me whenever I choose to do the right thing.

So, I’ve been all “I’m never doing the right thing again! Whose awful idea was this?!” (Unfortunately, mine). But, I suppose that’s how it goes when you’re trying to do what’s right – a lot of times it is really difficult. It doesn’t typically reap any sort of direct benefit, except for other people.

But, it’s not about what you get from it personally. You have to just be satisfied knowing that you made the right choice instead of taking the easy way out. That has to be your reward: knowing you are a responsible adult who isn’t selfishly motivated. Self satisfaction.

Then, you just hope that karma will take care of everything eventually.

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  1. This is SUCH a wonderful post. I agree that doing the right thing is almost never the easy thing...but it feels so much better that I can sleep at night knowing that I've made decisions that day that would please God : )


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