Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday - New Week, New Month, Fresh Start

A friend of mine that I work with has always really liked Mondays.  When she first told me this I thought she was nuts - certifiable even.  But then she explained to me that Mondays give her a fresh start - no matter what happened the week before, it was a new week full of new possibilities.

I had an overwhelming week.  I took a long walk on Friday night and actually said out loud, "This week I battled with life - and life won."

Work has been frustrating.  Some days I feel like I'm working nonstop, getting lost under a growing pile of work, yet time is still standing still and the day is going by at a snail's pace.  It's hard to be a work study student.  It's an in-between job.  There's work that needs to be done, yet because I'm not a full time employee - and because I'm not even a student at Rollins - I often feel desperately out of the loop.

Life is complicated.  I'm married to someone who I love, admire and who makes me stronger.  My family is a little crazy (whose isn't?), but pretty fantastic.  I have amazing friends.  It should be as simple as that.  And yet sometimes it's not.  I hate that.

I'm not going to leave it at that and trust that strong faith and vulnerable prayers will give me peace.

In the meantime ... 

I LOVE that product developers are starting to find ways to use renewable resources to create products we use on a daily basis.  My friend Sara blogged about this today and it got me thinking that I should start to share with you all some of the ways Bruce and I have tried to make our lives a little bit greener.

When Bruce and I were wandering through JCPenney working on our wedding registry, we came across a set of organic sheets (made out of organic cotton).  We thought the concept sounded cool, so we shot the gun and received the set a few weeks later.  I put them on the bed right away and we fell in love!!  They are SO soft!!

I had a gift card to JCPenney leftover from my bridal shower so I decided to venture out this weekend to take advantage of Georgia Tax Free Shopping and hopefully find another set of organic sheets.

The bad news is that they didn't have any of the organic cotton sheets like the set we already have for a queen sized bed.  The good news is that they had a set of sheets on sale made out of bamboo!!!!!  They were originally $100, but they were on sale for $60, no sales tax, I had a $40 gift card and the guy at the register gave me an additional 15% off!!

I even bought them in green - thought I'd go along with my theme of being green.

We opened them today and they are SO soft and silky - I can't wait to use them!!

Here's to a FRESH START!!

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  1. I really like your friends' idea of starting out with a fresh perspective on Monday mornings. I never thought about it that way, but it's so true.

    You know, now that I have kids I look at things totally different than before I had kids. I was always in a rush to get to the next step and never took the time to enjoy every minute, even when it was crazy busy and I was working like a mad woman (I used to be a manager at a local department store). I always thought my life was so hard, and so busy. All of that changed when I had kids. I now realize that even though life was busy then, it was never as simple or easy as it was then.

    I guess it's just important to enjoy all the different seasons you go through even when it's super crazy.


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