Friday, July 10, 2009

Things That Make Me Smile: Groomsmen

Well, moods like mine in the last post can't last long when I was able to enjoy a traffic-free ride to the grocery store and home on my scooter, with temperatures in the 80s and a slight break in the humidity.

As I pulled in my apartment complex, I had a brilliant blog idea - "Things That Make Me Smile."  Not necessarily a remedy, just little reminders every now and then that even when life is making me sigh, there are SO many things that make me smile.

So here it is - the first installment of Things That Make Me Smile.

Today's installment ... GROOMSMEN!!

My groomsmen (okay, okay, I know TECHNICALLY they're Bruce's groomsmen, but what's his is mine, right?) were AMAZING.  Absolutely positively incredible.  They came to Connecticut for a fun-filled weekend of fishing and hiking.  They probably never thought that they would end up on 12-foot ladders hanging lights and tulle for the reception as well-intentioned church ladies told them "a little to the left, no that doesn't look good," mowing my parents lawn, driving an hour each way TWICE to pick up the tuxes (once to pick up the tuxes and twice to pick up the one that was originally shipped to Reading, PA) and showing up an hour early at the church because "that's what Sarah told us to do."

Not to mention ... they're all really cool guys.

All these reasons are reason enough to make me smile.  But then this picture ... 

... makes me smile even more.

Thanks guys!!  I'm so glad Bruce has awesome friends like you that have now come into my life!!

What about the rest of you all?  What are the things that make YOU smile?  I guarantee a post about them will make your day better!!


  1. Well, you make us smile too! It's nice to finally have you in the (metaphorical) family.

  2. Sarah, what makes me smile is having you as a friend! When you say that there is more you should be doing, I just think about how many times you've been there for me, especially during this tough deployment. You make me smile, you show me the bright side of things, and encourage me to love deeper and deeper. so... :D


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