Monday, July 13, 2009

Life's an Adventure

Photo from Wildwater, LTD.

Bruce and I went rafting with a group from our church on Saturday. It was SO much fun but two days later I am still VERRRRYYYY sore!!!!! I didn't realize that rafting for two hours would be a total body workout. I thought for sure you just sat in the boat and paddled. Oh no. You sit on the EDGE of the boat (let me say that again - EDGE of the boat), lock your feet in under the middle part of the raft and use your leg muscles and abs to keep yourself in.

For two hours.

Through class three and four rapids.

Next time I need to lift, run and do bench presses in preparation.

The soreness is TOTALLY worth it though. Our guide was wonderful. He knew we were "cautious thrillseekers" - meaning we wanted to have fun but didn't really want to test the "white water postion" (the position you put your body in if you fall into the water - if you don't do this you could get sucked into a rapid and die - lovely to get briefed on right before you hop in for the first time) so we had lots of reasons to yell and scream but we all stayed in the raft.

My parents came into town on Saturday night so Bruce and I have been busy having all sort of fun with them!! They drove more of our wedding presents down so my mom and I have been sorting through stuff (mostly the dishes - we now have 12 places settings of fiestaware - pictures to come soon!!), finding room for everything in the kitchen (easier said than done) and trying to figure out what can be stored in Connecticut for the next year plus (also easier said than done - someone remind me why I think I'll need three Danielle Steele novels that I've already read in my apartment for the next year?).

Busy busy busy!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week.

With love & blessings,
Sarah :)
Oh and for anyone who is curious, we were on the Ococee River in Ducktown, Tennessee. We went with the Wildwater Ltd. Rafting Company. They were AWESOME and spent a lot of time briefing us before we got in the water to ensure everyone's safety!!


  1. What a blast you must have had! I used to love white water rafting the few times I tried... until I became one of those people doing the whole "white water position". Yikes!

    My husband and I spend most of our time in Germany now - certainly no rapids for me there. Your blog is really cute and touching - I just had to leave a note to say hi.

  2. Being outdoors is definitely a great way to really find yourself and grow as an individual and as a group. I went on an ocoee rafting ( ) trip with my family a few years ago. We ended up fighting through a storm. That experience really showed me where our strength as a family was. Thanks for sharing!


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