Saturday, July 18, 2009

A (Hopefully) Productive Weekend

Not much new to report here.  I was inspired by the folks over at Young House Love and have been tackling some neglected spaces in my apartment this weekend.  

Let's face it - between the wedding, honeymoon, last minute trip to Lancaster and week with my parents - basically EVERYTHING in my apartment has been neglected as of late!!  So last night while Bruce was at the Braves game with some friends (in which the Braves took victory over the Mets, 11-0, AHEM!!) I turned on On Demand to get caught up on Tori & Dean and tackled the mess that had become of our apartment.  We slept in this morning and have been slowly getting started on some of things I left last night - hanging pictures, shelves, sconces, etc. we got as wedding presents.  It's FINALLY starting to feel less cluttered - Mom and Dad, I wish you could see it now!!!!!

I had a brief conversation with one of our groomsmen, Gib, yesterday via e-mail about Army chaplains.  If you'll recall from previous posts, Gib is a senior at West Point.  There is a severe shortage of chaplains right now and I would be lying if I said the thought of serving in a different kind of ministry had never entered my mind.  But I have SO many questions.  Anyway, I hopped on amazon and ordered the following books:

by, Kristin Henderson

by, Roger Benimoff

I'm hoping these books give me some sort of window into the lives of chaplains who minister to those serving the military and their families.  I've always seen myself in the church - perhaps I'll find a way to integrate ministering to the local church and to military families?  I'm looking forward to learning about any and all opportunities.

Have a great weekend, all!!  Wish me luck on my cleaning!!

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