Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take me out to the ball game ... X2

So I failed to mention in yesterday's post that when Bruce was at the Braves game on Friday night he jumped up to yell and scream during a home run and subsequently dropped his phone.  Off the bleachers.  Onto a beam.  A beam that was more than an arm's length below where Bruce was sitting.  A beam that - looking at it from the other way - was at LEAST 20 feet in the air.


Luckily the woman who the supervisor for the ushers on the level where Bruce was sitting was WONDERFUL.  She let Bruce use her phone so he could call me and made all the calls to the appropriate people to get someone to come in and get the phone down.

Unfortunately, Bruce had taken the MARTA shuttle to the game and needed to leave to catch it back before they could get the phone down.  Which meant, that, on Saturday afternoon ... 


Yep, Bruce and I went back to Turner Field to retrieve his phone and take in game two versus the Mets.

Personally, I think he planned this whole thing so he would have a reason to take me to an afternoon game on a beautiful July Saturday.

What do you all think?  Coincidence or not?

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