Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A few days ago I sent my friend Sarah and e-mail slightly freaking out about all that still needed to be done for the wedding.  I babbled a couple of things that I could remember and hit send.

About twenty minutes later she replied and attached a word document to her e-mail.  She had separated out everything that I had said and created a to-do list for me - complete with columns indicating the tasks, the person who needs to complete each task, the day it needs to be completed by, extra notes and a blank column so I can check off when things are done.

If anyone needs their lives organized, I would suggest hiring Sarah.  Seriously - she's completely organized me.  I gained perspective on priorities and started to check things off my list.

Lists are my new best friend.

In other news, we're slowly packing up.  Friends and family thought it would be smart of me to start packing early - less mayhem later.  Sounds good in theory, right?  Well - I think it's just giving me more time to pack more stuff.  I've so far filled up both a large and small duffel from Vera Bradley, as well as a garment bag (with roughly 15+ skirts/dresses/pants/jackets in it) and a small rolling suitcase for shoes.  I haven't started on toiletries.

Who thought it would be a good idea for me to start packing early?  Bruce looks horrified.

UPS dropped off another wedding gift today - a new microwave!!  I bought our old one before I left for college and it's been through the wringer!!  It was starting to make horrifying noises when I used it, so I am SO thankful for a new one.  Plus - look how nice all of my black appliances look together!!

Keep praying, kids.


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