Monday, June 1, 2009

Wait ... TWO WEEKS?!

All year I've been thinking that our wedding is forever and a few decades away and all of a sudden it is TWO WEEKS AWAY.  No.  Wait.  LESS THAN two weeks away.  I remember looking at our wedding website on The Knot and the countdown was still over 100 days away and now it's less than two weeks?  Seriously - when did that happen?!

Bruce checked the mailed on his way home today and there was a package slip in our mailbox - he came in to drop off his stuff and said he was going to walk up to the leasing office to pick up the box.  I suggested him driving because it was really hot outside (it hit the mid-90s today - hello, Summer in Atlanta, I didn't really miss you).  About ten minutes later my phone rang ... it was Bruce calling to ask me to "help" him.  I didn't really understand why he needed my help with one package, but he assured me I would understand when I got down to the car.  I did.

This is me with all of the boxes that the leasing office was holding for us!!  They all came today (Bruce had picked something up on Saturday so we know they had to have all come today).  Apparently the leasing agent that he talked to greeted him with, "Oh good you're 1625!!  We've been tripping over your packages all day!!"

This is me getting ready to open one of the boxes with Bruce's new knife. (I'm aware that you probably don't NEED something quite that big to cut tape, but where is the fun in life if you can't cut tape with an oversized knife?)

Bruce and I had a really quiet weekend.  I laid by the pool, Bruce went fishing, I did a lot of laundry, Bruce did a lot of dishes.  We cleaned.  We went to Target and bought a new DVD player to replace ours because it wasn't reading discs and only opened half the time (I bought it when I went to college - and bought the cheapest one I could find - so I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did).  We took care of some wedding stuff that hadn't been taken care of yet (though probably not as much as we should have).  We called in take out.  We slept in.  It was really nice to just relax and be together.  Because we're in for a busy couple of weeks!!

I went to work today only to realize that my entire office was on a staff retreat.  Whoops.  I wasn't supposed to be there, but I guess I didn't need to be at work, either.  Luckily I had a data reconciliation project that I was working on last week so I did that, had lunch with my wonderful friend Stacey and left when the internet portal I needed to be in for the project stopped working (I like to think God hacked into the internet as a way of telling me to go home early).

Now I'm sitting in the living room watching Cake Boss on TLC.  Has anyone watched this show?  It's hysterical!!  And I wouldn't call what they make cakes, I would go as far to say they're works of art.  I really want to go to this bakery, I think it's in Queens.  I'm relaxed for the moment and thinking that if there has ever been a time for me to exercise my spiritual discipline (i.e. "Give it to God and Get Over It"), it is now and for the next two weeks.  I need to remember - amidst the stress, anxiety and craziness - to stop what I'm doing and say, "God.  I CANNOT do this alone."

I was out on the balcony talking to my mom on the phone this afternoon when Lilly cried for me to let her out with me.  When I hung up, she was basking (and I mean BASKING) in the sunlight and I couldn't bear the thought of making her come in.  So I took pictures and a video instead.  Seriously, she's got the life.

I would appreciate any and all prayers as Bruce and finish up the last leg of our wedding journey ... I know nothing stops or begins with the actual wedding day, but it will be nice to be able to think about something other than worship orders, beer types, flower arrangements and flatware!!

Grace & Peace,

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  1. Cake Boss is totally a rip off of Ace of Cakes. Watch that instead!


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