Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Almost on the Road

For the most part, Bruce and I are packed and ready to go.  The car is packed (and I mean PACKED) but everything seems to fit!!

I drove over to Powder Springs to drop Lilly off with my friends Kristi and Angie.  Wow.  Getting there was slightly traumatic.  Lilly cried.  I cried.  Lilly howled, I called my mom and bawled.  I let Lilly out of her carrier and she crawled all over me and the steering wheel.  She continued to cry.  I prayed.  It didn't really help her but it did help me.  We finally got there and I have complete faith that she is in phenomenal hands and won't miss me at all.

Now I need to finish packing the car, pack up my backpack and it's off to bed.  We're going to try to get an early start.


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