Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues ...

Can someone tell me when the timing of a candy buffet and the placement of a wedding cake became worth fighting over in my life?

As I drifted off to sleep last night, I rolled over to Bruce and said "I'm sad." I opened my eyes and he was looking at me and said "I know." Though what I'm sad about is still up in the air. Is it really over candy buffets and cake tables? Or is it over the fact that millions of children around the world don't have access to food, clean water and health care and - rather than focusing on that - I'm arguing over the timing of a candy buffet and the placement of a wedding cake?

To make matters worse - following said argument I felt bad for myself and bought a new dress at Target. I have to say - it did help my mood a little bit. Target has some cute stuff right now!! But still - probably not the most productive reaction to have.

Sigh ...

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  1. Aww...I'm sorry you're stressed and sad about these things! Weddings should be fun...just remember that...and just think...at least you HAVE a Target! I do not have one here in TH and that is VERY sad! :)


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