Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Month to Go & The Lillian Carter Award

One month until the wedding - eek!!  But boy did I have a busy day to distract me from the anxiety & excitement that comes with knowing we're one month away!!

I started off my morning a little late.  I had to bring Marissa to the airport at 11 a.m. and it didn't make sense for me to go to work for an hour and then leave.

Here is Marissa outside of the airport.  I told her as I was pulling up to the drop-off place that I needed to take a picture of her with all her luggage, and her response was:  "You're like my mom!!"  Ironically enough, I'm going to make sure her mom gets the picture :) ... Marissa is spending two months abroad this summer, first in Costa Rica to do some traveling and then in Panama for a program through the school of public health.  We were joking about how my wedding marks her halfway point - she leaves on May 13th and gets back on July 13th.

Traveling Mercies Marissa!!

I got to work and left soon after to go to the Carter Center for the presentation of the Lillian Carter Award.  Lillian Carter was President Carter's mother; following the death of her husband she decided to join and serve in the Peace Corps.  In honor of her service, the Carter Center biennially awards someone who began their service after the age of 50.  This year Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster was the recipient of the award.  Dr. Foster began her service in the Peace Corps at the age of 59 (and climbed Mount Everest at the age of 61!!) and continues to serve her community in Illinois at 72 years old.

Kristin Unzicker, Associate Director for International Affairs and Special Programs at Rollins, served in the Peace Corps for two years in Botswana.  I love hearing her stories and she's taught me a lot about the Peace Corps and its mission.  I went to the ceremony with her and three students from Rollins - two that just got back and one that is getting ready to leave in the fall.  What I love about the Peace Corps is that it exemplifies what it means to help ordinary people do extraordinary things.  After we getting married (and after I finish school) Bruce and I could apply as a couple if we wanted to.  The thought has crossed our minds ... 

Here are some pictures from the event ... 

Polynesian dancers ... I'm pretty sure my hips don't move the way this woman's did.

Jason Carter, President Carter's grandson.  Jason served two years in Africa (forgive me for not remembering which country!!).  Jason introduced his grandfather.

President Carter presenting the award to Dr. Foster.

From left to right ...
Juli Powers, President, Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
President Jimmy Carter
Dr. Catherine Taylor Foster, Lillian Carter Award Recipient

The Polynesian dancers singing "Aloha"

Now Bruce and I are watching some disappointing sports.  The Phillies are getting destroyed by the Dodgers (7-1 in the 8th inning) and the hockey series Bruce has been following isn't ending the way he wanted it to (clearly I'm not paying close attention to the hockey, but I do know he doesn't want Pittsburgh to win - if that helps anyone).  I think now may be a good time to curl up in bed and watch Gilmore Girls on DVD!!

Grace & Peace,

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