Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!  I've read several posts today that have said their mom trumps all others, but I have to say - after managing to survive (and not kill me) during my teen years - my mom deserves an award!!

This is mom & me in Palermo, Sicily when we cruised the Mediterranean two summers ago ... 

... and this was a couple of days later at the Vatican.  What a fun vacation!!

I'm sorry we can't be in Kent to celebrate with you today!!  I love you!!  See you in JUNE!!

Bruce and I had what we thought was our last youth group meeting of the year today.  We thought it was a simple cook-out at Rachel's.  Turns out - they were planning a surprise wedding shower for us!!  How amazing are they?!  They've been planning it for weeks!!  Heidi - the Associate Pastor of Christian Ed. & Youth - was shocked that we had no idea anything was going on, but I seriously think I have been off in my own world of wedding planning.  I really had NO idea.  I didn't have my camera with me, which I'm bummed about, but one of the youth did so I hope I'll be able to get some pictures from her.  They got a yummy cake, cake toppers, a HUGE card and they collected money and donated it to the capital campaign at Pilgrimage in our name.  Bruce and I were so honored - we had been talking about how we wished we had extra money to pledge to the campaign, and now there has been money donated in our honor!!
They were so thoughtful in all that they did.  They also decorated with "30's" everywhere - Bruce proposed to me at the 30 Hour Famine last year, and I thought it was such a creative idea to decorate in honor of that!!  I snapped some pictures when I got home of the things they got for us.  Rachel - the co-chair of Christian Ed, middle school Sunday School teacher and all around amazing person - brought out the cake-cutting knife & server that she and her husband Brad used on their wedding ten years ago!!  All of this I wish I had pictures of - from now on I'm bringing my camera with me everywhere I go!!

I did snap some pictures when I got home ... 

The adorable cake toppers from Rachel - LOVE THEM!!  Perhaps our honeymoon hotel will have a jacuzzi?! :)

Our beautiful flowers.

To all the youth, parents and others who made this day possible - thank you Thank You THANK YOU for such a wonderful party.  We are truly blessed to know all of you.

Happy Mother's Day to all those mother's out there!!  I hope your day was full of blessings and joy (and breakfast in bed, of course)

All my love,
Sarah :)

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