Thursday, May 7, 2009

Relief & Prayer


Do y'all remember this post? I knew I had to go above an beyond this semester in New Testament in order to get out alive and my stress level was sky-high about it. But I tried to be rational about it. I switched out of LTJ's class and into Carl Holladay's class. I put this class on high priority - over and beyond my other classes. Yet I still struggled on the weekly colloquy paper assignments. I wasn't doing badly, but I just wasn't seeing the consistently high grades that I would have liked to have seen week after week. I wasn't gaining confidence as I geared up for my final exegesis paper, worth nearly half of my final grade.

Just after Spring Break, I decided to take a new approach for my exegesis. I didn't cut corners. I penned pages of notes, created a outline with estimated page numbers and gave myself a timeline. I forced myself to finish a week before the due date so my TA could look at my working draft. I went back to my bible and concordance after I got my draft back with comments and tightened up my research.

And I got an A- on the paper!!!!!

I can breath a little bit easier - I'm getting out of New Testament alive!!

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I know there are people who may not necessarily agree with the theology behind the sponsoring organization, but who can disagree with the opportunity to put aside religious, denominational and political differences for a day and meet in prayer with their brothers and sisters all across the country?

It's been a difficult year for a lot of people - but I believe in the power of prayer. I said in my post yesterday - when you're faced with something you cannot understand, what you can do is pray. May you all find strength in knowing your prayers are not alone.

With you all in prayer,

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