Saturday, April 18, 2009

With just a few clicks ...

... my "post - second year" reading list is on its way!!

I just put in my Amazon order for the following books (expected to be shipped on April 23!!):

Mommywood is Tori's second memoir.  The first one was light and adorable and made her not only a relatable celebrity, but also helped me realize that I'm not the only person who is highly emotional, extremely passionate and at-times completely irrational.

I promise I am NOT trying to play both sides in the whole Tori vs. Candy battle, but I am curious about what it was like to marry into such a dynasty and to have to deal with being a celebrity through marriage.

And last but certainly not least ... 

I have Sarah Weddle to thank for this book - she sent me a link with an excerpt from it last week and I was instantly hooked.  I had NO idea she even had a book deal!!  Kristin Chenoweth is potentially one of the most adorable and down to earth actresses I've ever followed.  If I could be as adorable and put together as she is every time I see her on TV, I would consider myself to be lucky.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to say about life, love and faith in stages - the topics that I tend to blog about!!

Notice that NOT ONE of these books is exegetical, methods of exegesis, biblical interpretation, readings from early Christianity, congregational analysis, etc. etc. etc.  Don't get me wrong - I love what I'm studying.  But I'm ready to cleanse my mind and read something a little bit lighter.

In the meantime - I'm working through my finals to-do list.  If I were to show you the list again, it would appear that I've gotten nowhere, but I promise I have.  I've been working at my exegesis all day and have a thesis and an outline.  I've also been having had an ongoing conversation with Max about my thesis and the direction its heading.  We appear to be on the same page and he agrees with my thesis so I hope to keep moving in a forward direction!!  I'm actually REALLY happy that I chose the passage that I chose to exegete.  I chose Luke 23:32-49 - the death narrative.  In once sense, its kind of a depressing end to the semester, but we had already touched on part of this passage once in a colloquy paper and I left colloquy that day wishing I had a second jab at the assignment.  This is my second jab!!  It's also amazing to me how some of the pieces of the semester are starting to come together (we've looked at different types of criticism in pieces) and how they interact with what we learned in NT501.  I'm really happy about that - I've been frustrated with my New Testament experience and I'm hoping this paper will help me end it on a positive note.

SIDE NOTE:  Tomorrow is the Baked Potato & Salad Fundraiser for the youth at church - did you know you can get a 50 POUND BOX of potatoes at the farmer's market for $20?!


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