Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Down ...

... five to go!!  Papers, that is.  I handed in my NonProfit final project today, as well as my second to last New Testament colloquy paper.  

Here's what I have left:
Polity - Final Paper, 15 pages
Pastoral Care - Final Paper, 12 pages
Preaching - Wedding/Funeral Sermon, 5 minutes
New Testament - Colloquy Paper, 2-3 pages
New Testament - Final Exegesis, 7-8 pages

I'm SO close to being done!!  I think Bruce and I might take a weekend trip down to Ormond Beach to visit Jen and Tim after I finish and I can almost smell the salt water of the ocean, feel the sand in my feet and hands and breath in the warm beach air.  Almost.

The past couple of days have been trying and tiring.  My NonProfit project ended up being close to 50 pages and I still think there was more we could have done.  I've realize through this project that my enthusiasm for programming, fundraising and advocacy is strong, but I despise the paperwork side of it.  I would be thrilled if I never had to fill out another Form 1023 again.  The strange thing is that on Monday night I walked into Polity completely frazzled about forming any NonProfit (including new church starts) and the topic that night was New Church Starts.  How ironic?  I came outright and said the paperwork kind of terrified me, but Cameron Trimble, Associate Conference Minister for Church Development of the Southeast Conference of the UCC, came to talk to us and her enthusiasm was contagious.  Cameron showed us frightening statistics concerning church decline and she emphasized the importance not only of new church developers, but also developers in the northeast that can bridge the gap between the rich history of the northeast and the potential of the southeast.  My friend Dave and I were talking after class and he pushed me towards thinking about ME being that bridge.  We had joked about it during class, but wanted me to consider it seriously.  I love so much about the northeast, but the church needs to be revitalized with new energy and emphasis on partnering with younger churches in areas of the country where the UCC is less prominent.

Anyway, for the time being, I'm taking the night off from school work.  I don't have anything due for a week, so nothing is so urgent that I need to be sitting at my desk cramming tonight.  Bruce and I have had a relaxing evening so far.  We cleaned up a little bit and then one of Bruce's co-workers came over and brought her puppy!!  He's adorable - 14 weeks old - but she's not sure if she's going to be able to keep him.  Bruce and I are talking about taking him, but he's going to be HUGE and we really aren't sure we're comfortable keeping a dog that big in an apartment our size.  I'm not sure it's fair.  Anyway, we're still talking about it.  Alicia came over so we could meet him, introduce him to Lilly and see how he acted in our apartment.  He is quite possible one of the cutest dogs I've ever met.  Alicia's not sure if she will be able to part with him, so we're just going to keep the conversation going.  Lilly wasn't actually as terrified/mad as I thought she would be so it's nice to know that the option is open.  

I know that taking the time to think about it will allow us to make the right decision.

That's all for now - here is a picture of the puppy (so you can see why I'm having a hard time resisting!!) ... He's a lab mutt - with what we think is a terrier mix.  His coat is SO soft and his eyes are so beautiful they just make me want to cry.  I so wish we had a house with a big yard, but I feel like we'll make the right decision.  Just not tonight.

To all my Emory friends - Good luck going into finals!!!!!


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