Sunday, April 19, 2009

June 7th ...

The Army Wives are BACK!!!!!

Can y'all tell I am just ITCHING for school to be over?  Memoirs written by perky blondes, a new season of my favorite Lifetime television series ... I am officially ready to be finished with my to-do list!!

The Baked Potato Fundraiser at church was a great success!!  The youth were SO helpful, the people in the church were really enthusiastic about being part of it and we ended up making over $300!!  I'm happy for the youth.  It was a little bit bittersweet, though.  The youth and children were having a Penny Wars and the jugs have been out in the narthex since the wars started.  This morning when we got to church - the jugs weren't there.  We've searched high and low and can't find them - I hate to think that someone took them, but we can't think of any other possibility.  I suppose we wanted the money to support people in need, and if someone needed the money that badly I guess I'm glad it's where it needs to be - but I'm disappointed that whoever took it didn't feel like they could ask someone in the church for help.  Because there are funds available.  And now all the enthusiasm and money the youth and children have dedicated to the project are gone.  I'm sad, I'm disappointed, I wish the abundance in the world was equally distributed ... 

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