Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Keep On Keepin' On ...

Am I the luckiest girl or WHAT?!

Bruce picked me up from class tonight with these beautiful flowers in the car!!!!!  I am SO unbelievably lucky to have a fiance who not only puts up with my stress, anxiety and overall crankiness but also buys me flowers in the middle of all of it!!


I just printed out my final colloquy paper for the semester so that will get handed in tomorrow and then my to-do list will look like this:

Polity - Final Paper, 15 pages
Pastoral Care - Final Paper, 12 pages
Preaching - Wedding/Funeral Sermon, 5 minutes
New Testament - Final Exegesis, 7-8 pages

I actually have a first rough/working draft of my New Testament Final Exegesis.  Max read it last night and didn't find anything significant that I needed to change and Edward (my colloquy leader) said he would read it tonight.  I'll fix it on Thursday and turn it in on Friday!!!!!

I'm SO close to being done.

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