Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedding Nightmare

Before I go into my nightmare, I have to share with y'all my SHEER JOY THAT CLASSES ARE DONE!!!!! Tim cancelled polity on Monday because he's holding a Boundaries Training for those of us who need it for ordination so - as of 11:45 I am done Done DONE with classes for my second year. Here's what my to-do list looks like now ...

Polity - Final Paper, 15 pages
Pastoral Care - Final Paper, 12 pages

Oh, how sweet that looks now from where it was a couple of days ago ...

SO - Back to my Nightmare

I'm quite literally talking about a nightmare. Like a dream about the wedding where NOTHING was going right.

First of all, the wedding wasn't happening in Kent. I couldn't really tell where we were, though I think it was a combination of the church in Washington that my mom used to serve at and the church in West Chester, PA that my cousin got married at over the new year. Anyway - I was in this big room with all of my bridesmaids and there were boxes everywhere and we were getting dressed. Our hair wasn't done because our hairdressers never showed up, but we didn't realize that until right before the ceremony.

Oh - and throughout all of this - no one was really happy. We were all just kind of going through the motions. Shouldn't brides and their bridesmaids be chattery and giggly while they are getting ready? Well - we weren't.

So I have my dress on and everything is a go when all of a sudden - dum dum dummmmmmm ... We cannot find my veil. I know, tragedy, right? But this was a BIG problem for me in my dream and I started to tear through all of the boxes in order to find my veil. Come to think of it - I think the room we were in looked a lot like my parents basement, dimly lit and filled with boxes (they decided to pay for the wedding before they finished the basement - I affirm this decision). So I'm tearing through boxes and there is NO sign of my veil. I did, however, find my parent's Christmas Tree skirt that they couldn't find last Christmas when they were putting up the tree (Mom - maybe that was my subconscious' way of saying that your tree skirt is in one of your boxes in your basement).

So I can't find my veil, the room is now a disaster because I have open and pulled everything out of all of the boxes in it and my hair isn't done.

And then people from my church start popping in to say hi. But the ceremony is supposed to start in five minutes.

Oh - and at this point Max hadn't showed up. But he finally did and when he walked in the door, I realized that I had never printed a bulletin. In fact - I hadn't even finalized the worship service!!!!! So Max and I are frantically trying to put together the wedding service (this is why pre-marital counseling and rehearsals are VERY important) and Max seems distressed. He looked up and told me that Shannon left him. Now - those of you that know Max know that his wife's name is Liz and they're very happy together. So I don't even know where Shannon came from. Then Max looks at me and says with absolute disgust "I just don't feel like doing this right now."

No veil ... boxes everywhere ... grumpy bridesmaids ... people dropping by ... no bulletins ... no worship service ... an angry minister ...

LUCKILY Bruce called (he had left for work before I woke up) and my phone ringing woke me up. When I told him I was so happy he called because I needed to wake up from the wedding nightmare, his response was, "Isn't it too early for you to be having these?"

I hope that was the only one!!

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