Monday, March 2, 2009

"I'll take Weather in Atlanta for 200, Alex ..."

I don't really understand the weather in Atlanta.  Two weeks ago I blogged about Tornados.  Then the weather got REALLY nice and I was giving myself a pedicure, wearing flip flops, riding the scooter without a heavy jacket and thinking it was time to start laying by the pool.  Yesterday?  SNOWSTORM!!!!!

Bruce and I woke up relatively early yesterday morning because I was preaching and we didn't want to be rushing.  We both looked at the weather and the radar was showing that it was supposed to start snowing around 10 - the same time church started.  Which isn't convenient, because at that point you've got a bunch of southerners (no offense anyone!!) at church needing to drive home - with neither the experience of driving in the snow, snow tires, AWD, 4WD, winter weather packages, etc.  Oh - and no plows.  So - it was going to be an adventure.

We got out of bed and ready for church.  It was raining and in the high 40s.  We left ourselves a good amount of time and tried to stay away from highways.  When we got to church (45 minutes and 20 miles to the north later) the temperature had dropped significantly.  And it kept getting darker.  I was sitting in Heidi and Allen's office (that normally on a Sunday morning doesn't need the lights to be turned on) re-reading my sermon and realized suddenly that I was sitting in the dark.  Creepy!!

So church started and was going smoothly.  I was a little nervous (it's funny - I never used to be nervous preaching, but I think the more I learn in seminary the more nervous I get when it comes to preaching because I realize just how much I don't know ... things were simpler when I didn't know better!!) but this was third time I was preaching to Pilgrimage so I settled into the pulpit quickly.  My sermon seemed to be going really well until the last page - at which point it started hailing!!!!!  I kept thinking to myself:  "what does it mean when it starts hailing during your sermon?!"  Anyone?!  So - I got thrown off a little bit, but luckily I was almost done.  I sat down after I finished and listened to David play the "Music for Reflection."  I'm not sure if he or Allen picks the music, but he played "Bless the Lord" (it's a Taize song) and it was PERFECT.  Heidi did Joys & Concerns and the Pastoral Prayer and I was really happy to hear people make reference to my sermon as they shared their requests.  It's one thing to have people say that they like your sermon, another to hear them make connections.  After we prayed, it was time for communion (first Sunday of the month).  Heidi presided and as soon as she gave the invitation, I noticed an excitement in the congregation.  I was curious - it's not that PUCC isn't usually psyched to receive communion - but this was a "kid at Disney World for the first time" kind of excitement.  When I got up to go to the table, I realized what the excitement was all about - it was snowing!!  I'm surprised we kept everyone in church until the final amen.  As soon as church was over there was a mass exodus of kids of all ages running outside.

We stayed for Sunday School (we brought the high schoolers to the adult class - they were watching a really great documentary that I'm sure I'll talk about on here later) and then slowly began to make our way home.  At this point the snow was coming down really hard and sticking.  Bruce was an AMAZING driver (the yaris has a winter weather package but no snow tires so it's still tricky) and I did my best to play good music and keep us both calm.  We got home and watched the race and the snow and secretly hoped for a snow day today.

But - as the weather goes in Atlanta - then the snow stopped, the rain started and the temperature dropped.  We had a feeling it was going to be a mess.

But  - as the weather goes in Atlanta - the rain stopped, the temperature rose and we ended up having a beautiful sunset.  It was very strange.  

But Bruce said it really was a perfect day.  And he was right.  We made it to church, I was able to preach, sit through an awesome Sunday School class, watch the snow, curl up on the couch and see a beautiful sunset!!

Now I'm getting ready for ONE MORE WEEK UNTIL SPRING BREAK!!!!!  I have two papers standing in my way.  It's on!!

Oh - and for those of you who are curious, I broke down and got an iTouch.  Bruce and I were concerned that my iPod (which was working but on the fritz) was going to die either in the middle of midterms or right before I had to go to CT - neither of which would make me happy.  I need music to keep me sane.  So I had been putting some money away and had some birthday money and we decided to pull the trigger on Saturday night.  So far it's been fun!!  And it's amazing how much better the sound quality is than on my old one.  I'll still probably use my old one when exercising, etc.

For those of you buried in the northeast - HAVE A WONDERFUL SNOW DAY!!!!!

All my love,
Sarah :)

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  1. Yes, it was a very strange weather week in Atlanta! =P


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