Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tornados in February?

Seriously?!?!  Tornados in February?  It's 61 degrees and humid right now.  We are under a tornado warning/watch.  People are calling the news and reporting tennis ball - sized hail storms.

I'm confused.  Isn't it February?  Isn't it supposed to be cold with perhaps a snow storm thrown in once or twice?  Shouldn't I be cursing my front-wheel drive car right about now as my tires squeal and get me only partway up the driveway, leaving me to slide back in neutral, park at the bottom and walk up the hill in heals, which are not necessarily conducive to icy conditions? (Do you get the feeling this was a common occurrence?)

And yet ... tornados!!  Creepy warm weather!!  Humidity that is causing my hair to frizz!!

A friend of mine from college was in Atlanta presenting a paper at a philosophy conference (I like to think she came down because it was my birthday and she wanted to see me!!) and we had coffee on Saturday night.  One of the first things she said to me was that it's only been a year and a half and she can already hear some southern twang when I talk.  I have a feeling that the accent may be the only thing I'll pick up while I'm down here.  Love of this weather most likely will NOT be!!


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  1. I know right!?!?! I shacked up in the bathroom with my bird in her pet taxi for a while. Ugh. I hope there's not more to come this spring!


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