Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Saga of the iPod Continues ... Live from an iTouch

Here I am ... Blogging from Bruce's iTouch. I still haven't made my decision about whether or not I'm going to replace my (old but still perfectly good) iPod. I'm using safari which is making it difficult to see the whole screen. There are blogging applicatins but they're not free and I would love to try them out before I actually get one of these things.

Does anyone use a blogger application on an iTouch or iPhone? I need some weigh in!! Bruce just told me there are reviews on it ... I should look at those.

I know this shouldn't be this complicated.


  1. I don't blog from my iphone just because it all takes so long to type. I struggle too. I have a perfectly good, second generation product (red) nano. I love the new nanos. I ALSO have and iphone. The new stuff is all so fun and shiny and pretty!! lol

  2. It's hard because Apple makes such AMAZING products and when you walk into the store they've got it set up so you want EVERYTHING!! But it definitely was difficult to blog on the iTouch because I wanted to say more than one sentence. I think I'll wait a week on it ... I keep wishing my iPod would just die so it would make the decision easier!!


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