Friday, January 9, 2009

Wedding Poll

I'm sure this will be the first of many. Today's topic ...

Silk vs. Real

So I guess my first question is exactly what I said - if you had the choice between real or silk flowers at your wedding, which would you choose? And perhaps - why? Right now I'm seeing both sides of the floral story and I'm about ready to flip a coin!!

I found this website called The Brides Bouquet which seems to have reasonable prices for silk flower bouquets and boutonnieres, but I'm not sure if it really makes a difference. I do like the thought of not having to cut fresh flowers for the wedding, but silk is a completely different kind of production.

We're not having flower centerpieces on the tables at the receptions - all candles/mirrors - so I have a little bit of "wiggle room" financially. But that doesn't mean I want to go out of control.

My mom thinks I would want the keepsake. Bruce's mom had silk flowers at her wedding and they're gathering dust somewhere in the attic. But maybe someone would like to use my bouquet after me? I hate to think of it as a prop, but I would like to cherish the marriage more than the wedding flowers.

Does anyone have any brilliant insight? If you would prefer not to post, feel free to e-mail me:

Love to all!!
Sarah :)


  1. We had floating candles, vases, and glass stones as our centerpieces, and the only flowers involved were the bouquets and the bout. for the men...and I was able to hang and dry my bouquet and its sitting in a vase at our house! It was a minimum amount of flowers, but I really enjoyed the real ones, and I still have mine to look at and remember :) Good luck!

  2. I like the idea of having real flowers. It's kind of the same feeling I have about using real greens for Advent wreaths . . . for life-giving worship, we should use living things. And I guess Lance and I are basically seeing our wedding as a worship service. =) But silk might be pretty, too! And definitely less messy.

  3. Hi Ladies, It is great that you are considering silk bouquets. Even though I am in Australia I am sure there are plenty of specialists in artificial wedding bouquets in the US. If you can find someone that uses real touch blooms (they are exceptional quality) you can have the perfect bouquet designed & created to keep forever. YOu can have it made months in advance, is cost effective, see it so far inadvance if you want to add to it or change it you can! No one gets allergies & there is no preservation costs. Have a look at my website, there are some stunning silk bouquets around! Good luck with the decision making! My website is artificialwedding, Have fun, Karen.


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