Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's Headlines

Thanks to everyone who has shared flower advice with me.  Just as I suspected - it was about 50/50.  I think it might be time to flip a coin!!

I don't have much time to blog today because I'm supposed to be studying for an exam, but I thought I would take a break from studying and give the headlines.

Last week was the bulk of my January-Term class, Nonprofit Management & Leadership.  It's been a really awesome class (I say this even before taking the final or receiving my final grade!!) and I know I've learned a lot in the short time we've met.  We'll take our final tomorrow morning and then spend the afternoon tying up loose ends.  Wednesday is reserved for meeting with our groups about our final project.  After that it's all about time management (something I'm SO good at) to finish up the project.

I finally did get around to switching myself out of LTJ's New Testament class.  Of course (as fate would have it) today was the one day during J-term that I ran into him in the hallway and he greeted me with a big smile.  Of course.  But it's not about that.  I didn't mesh well with his teaching style and in the world of academics, sometimes it doesn't matter how much you learn - a final grade shows up on your transcript.  A letter, no more than 1/4 inch tall.  But that small ink spot holds a lot of meaning.  Our culture of academia has given it a lot of meaning.  So while I learned more with LTJ than I've ever learned I need to start thinking about that ink spot.  I'm sure I will have mixed feelings about this for a long time to come.  But for the time being I'm happy with my decision.  This also means that I won't have class on Thursday.  I'm going to try hard to make that my day - which will mean NOT agreeing to work.  It will be a time to relax, get caught up and go into the end of the week with a strong finish (I almost said it would be a sabbath, but then I realized that doing homework shouldn't be something you do on a sabbath day).

Kim shared some wonderful feedback with me yesterday that she has been getting from various church members.  She's been hearing more than "oh, she's doing a nice job."  I hesitate to use the word "praise," but I almost think I have to without specifically quoting what she's said.  Sometimes I'm not sure if I deserve the praise, but hearing it fills my spirit and renews my strength.  I really appreciated not only the feedback itself, but her sharing it with me.  It gives me confidence going into the academic side of things.

Bruce and I had a somewhat traumatic, but very successful trip to IKEA this weekend (if you're wondering - noon on a Saturday during a sale is generally not the best time to go to IKEA).  We got a lot of things to make the apartment a little bit "homey-er" and are slowly putting our apartment back together.  I got a huge frame for some of the scenery shots from my trip cross country, but now I still need to print the pictures.  I had everything set with Target but then realized that you couldn't order more than 4x6 through Shutterfly on Target's website.  So I quit for the day and will go back to it this weekend perhaps.

Our wedding invitations have been ordered!!  One more thing to cross off the list (thanks to my incredibly organized sister, of course!!) so that I can focus on the next thing.  I'm currently working on flowers (obviously) and music.  We're setting up our own sound system so Bruce and I have kind of taken it on ourselves to put together the music selection.  It's actually been kind of fun to listen to music with that frame of mind - to put iTunes on shuffle and see how music can speak to you in a new and different way.  It's kind of fun (though not as much fun as registering for gifts was).

I'm EXTREMELY jealous of all of the snow my northern friends and family have been buried in lately.  I recently heard Atlanta weather described as a menopausal woman (in the way that the temperature goes up and down).  I wish it would be cold, stay cold and snow!!  But I think I need to wait until I move back north for that.

We had a great meeting with the youth yesterday at church.  Some new kids came and Bruce brought them all together for an hour-long game of Apples to Apples.  I then introduced them to a very different type of worship:  Extremely meditative, using secular music but asking theological questions about it, etc.  I think they were a little taken back - church has always had a similar format and this was completely different - but they liked it.  I'm looking forward to planning for next month.

Bruce and I got asked to help out with an Inquirers Class at church next month.  I'm really honored and touched that they trust us enough to help out!!

Lots of stuff going on right now.  I'm trying to stay focused and centered but still remain enthusiastic about all the possibilities!!

All my love,
Sarah :)

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