Thursday, January 15, 2009


My wedding invitations arrived at my parents house today!!!!!

Whoops ... I mean OUR invitations.  I've got to stop doing that!!

My mom just called to tell me - I think she was in awe.  I mean - we all knew that Bruce and I were getting married (the Bruce asking my parents, giving me the ring, me screaming into the phone afterwards, the arguing and anxiety over wedding planning) but now it just seems real.  SO real.

Today was the first day of the semester - although I don't have class on Thursday so I didn't venture over to campus (too cold for me to take a ride on the scooter for no reason) and it seemed kind of anti-climactic.  I think I'm just ready for this semester to be over so the wedding can become even more real to me.

On another note - Lilly has been stalking this red-backed woodpecker that keeps eating at our bird feeder.  She makes this adorable squawking noise.  It looked like she was going to do it again today so I brought my camera out, but she got distracted.  I thought the video was worth posting, though.  She is adorable after all!!

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