Friday, November 21, 2008

I want much more than this provincial life ...

Every year my father directs a musical with his high school students. This year they will be putting on Beauty and the Beast. I've been listening to the music ever since I put the music on my iPod in November when I was visiting my parents and am starting to realize how profoundly theological Disney can be at times.

The opening song has Belle is running around oblivious to what is going on around her. Belle repeats the following phrase over and over again: "There must be more than this provincial life." This kind of reminds me of who the UCC stands to be. So many people find their way to our churches because they are wondering and saying the same thing that Belle is: there MUST be something more. But they don't know what that is.

Unfortunately, churches all too often have turned people away who want to explore the “more” – and this is where our ministry comes in. The UCC welcomes those who say "there must be more" with open arms and hearts. This is the Good News!!

Peace and blessings on a search for more!!

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