Friday, November 21, 2008


My motivation is gone. I can't find it anywhere. I'm thinking it's probably in the same place that my original Target Visa is. Only - when I lost my Target Visa I had a very simple solution - dial a 1-800 number, cancel the old one and order a new one. There's no 1-800 number to order a new batch of motivation.

Maybe that's the problem with society. We don't have to live with many consequences any more. When you lose a credit card, they not only issue you a new one but they also make sure you are not responsible for any charges that may have occurred when someone picked up your lost card and used it. But that's not the way the real world really works. In the real world, you have to live with consequences.

This past weekend in Sunday School, Bruce and I talked about Labyrinths with the High School class. We're really trying to look at meditation and different ways of tapping into spirituality and learning about Labyrinths seemed like the obvious next step. I wonder if walking a Labyrinth would be a good way to address some of what is lost in my life - like my motivation. I wonder if I took the time to actually walk a Labyrinth - not rush through it and have my brain be elsewhere, but really walk through it (or follow it in the case of a Finger Labyrinth) - I might find my motivation again. I think part of the problem is that I'm always looking to the next thing and don't have time to address the here and the now. This is why I called the Visa Card people - I didn't have time to deal with a lost credit card and I needed a replacement. But life isn't that simple. Sometimes - most of the time in fact - you have to deal with the hear and the now and I think that walking a Labyrinth is a good way to condition you to do that.

So I'll try if you try. I don't have a labyrinth, but I found some good drawings online. Perhaps once a day I can take the time to actually work through it and see if I can't find some of that lost motivation.

Grace, Peace & Uncovering the Lost,

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  1. My motivation has been gone for weeks now, Sarah. If the labyrinth works for you, maybe I'll get you to teach me. =)


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