Sunday, October 5, 2008


Bruce and I went for a bike ride today (well if you count 1 1/2 miles before I decided I was no longer in adequate shape to ride a bike, turned around and walked home a bike ride) and I saw a "For Sale" sign with a "SOLD" insert on the top.  That was sort of my Christ Candle for the day.  I haven't seen a "SOLD" sign in a long time - the housing market in Atlanta is being hit hard by the national crisis and seeing that sign gave me hope that better times were on the way.

Speaking of SOLD - the church auction and "Taste of Pilgrimage" (pot-luck fundraiser for the youth) were last night.  It was a wonderful time for community building and we raised a lot of money.  The more time I spend at the church the more I feel like I am part of the Pilgrimage community.  Churches, as contradictory as this sounds, are very difficult to get into.  But I finally feel like I have found a home at Pilgrimage.  Bruce and I talked about the importance of community in Sunday School today with our high schoolers.  We asked them if they felt as if they were part of the greater Pilgrimage community and they all said that they did.  That was incredible to hear - a lot of times youth feel as though they're only part of their own community and not the rest of the church.  I wonder how different the greater church would look if all youth were able to say that they felt a part of their congregations.

I'm preparing for my first New Testament exam.  Man, I hate the test part of seminary.  I'm really having a hard time finding the relevance between being able to remember facts and show my knowledge of them on a multiple choice exam and being able to pastor to a community (where I can always reference notes and books that I acquired in seminary when necessary).  If I don't see the relevance and can't make the connections then it makes it harder for me to sit down and actually do the work.  There are definitely times when I think it's going to be a long year and a half + until graduation ... 

Prayers for me to find the relevance and make the connection ... 

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