Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Today's Proof that God Exists ...

... Rain.

This whole one car / Bruce working outside of the perimeter thing has worked really well so far this year.  We're six weeks into the semester and so far Bruce and I have managed to coordinate our schedules with walking/biking/driving and we haven't fought once.  I was impressed with what a green couple we've become.

Well, all good coordinating must come to an end.  Tonight is bell choir rehearsal and I went out on a limb and told Allen that I would love to play.  When I agreed, Bruce decided to try it out as well.  Bell choir meets at 8:30 on Wednesday nights, right after the choir, which meets at 7:00 (Bruce sings in the choir and is would be at church for that rehearsal anyway).  Normally this would be the plan:  Bruce would ride his bike to work, I would walk to and from school.  I would then drive to Marietta and either pick him up or he would meet me at the church and we would drive home together.  It really is a great system.  Until you wake up and it's pouring.

There was no way I was going to let Bruce ride his bike 20 miles in the rain - it just wasn't going to happen.  He would have gotten soaked and would run the risk of having a run-in with drivers with bad visibility.  So I had him drop my off at school and drive to work.  He was a little bit apprehensive about taking the car at first, but told me after that he really appreciated arriving at work warm and dry.  So that was definitely a good idea.  Here's the problem - I'm left with no car in which to get to church.

Luckily, I have wonderful friends.  On a whim, I signed into facebook chat and Stacey sent me a message.  We decided that we haven't spent nearly enough time together lately (well ... any at all) so I told her that I would stick around campus until she got out of class, head over to her apartment with her and hang out until I had to leave for church.  At this point in the conversation, Gretchen stepped in and told me I could borrow her jeep.  How wonderful!!  Bruce didn't have to ride and I can still make it to bells!!  AND - it's RAINING IN ATLANTA!!  There's proof that God exists.  There's my Christ candle for the day.

Meanwhile, Bruce and I are probably going to get a scooter this weekend.  Today reminded me of just how nice it would be to have another form of transportation that is motorized.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a car - in fact we would prefer it not - but it would be nice to have another way to get around, particularly on days when riding a bike for 20 miles is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous.  I'm glad we were graced with an answer today.

Meanwhile I'm preaching on Sunday for the first time at Pilgrimage.  I'm a little bit nervous because this is the first time I've ever been in front of the congregation in this light.  They're used to hearing a phenomenal preacher week after week and I'm hoping that I will be able to give them something that not only will captivate their attention, but also nourish them spiritually and emotionally.  It's a difficult time right now to be a pastor.  I know Wall Street investors aren't having an easy time at work these days, but there is a point in the day where the market closes and there is nothing more you can do.  The day never closes for a pastor - and they need to be ready to see the struggles, tears, stresses and anger over this financial crisis in the faces of each and every one of their parishioners.  It's a difficult task to take on - and I've done it in agreeing to preach.  I hope I can give the members and friends of Pilgrimage United Church of Christ some hope this weekend.

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