Thursday, October 6, 2011

Alma Mater Pride

Ever since my ordination, the materials that I have received in the mail from my alma mater (Ursinus College) has tripled.  It's ironic to me - "Hey, you're a minister now, we are sure you will have lots of money to give to us!"


The bizarre thing is, I haven't changed anything with them - I don't think I ever changed my name or let them know that I was ordained.  And yet, I have been receiving mail to the church addressed to Rev. Sarah E. Weaver.

An eternal mystery.  I am so glad, though!  I loved my time at Ursinus - I am so grateful for the faculty and staff who taught lessons beyond the classroom and cannot wait to give back (though I doubt I will ever have enough to have a building named after me!).

Anyway, the point of this post was not to dream about a future "Sarah Weaver Center For Theological Studies" (oooooo, that has a nice ring to it).  The point was to show off what I found when I was reading the magazine:

Look at me and my wonderful church in the Ursinus Magazine!  This is under the "Class Notes" section.  How exciting!

Speaking of my wonderful church - I have a lot of work to do.  See you later!  xoxo

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