Monday, September 12, 2011

Still Cooking From The Garden

Well, the good news is, I think my migraine is starting to move out with the wind.

That's it.  Just good news.  I'm functioning again and was able to fold some laundry and even do work this evening!  I really hate when I'm sidelined due to sickness, so the fact that I could salvage even some time to work will help me out a lot tomorrow.

While I work/relaxed, Bruce cooked!

While the garden took a hit during the hurricane, we still have a few things left.  The carrots and the potatoes came from the garden!  Bruce paired them with some chicken that was rubbed with a really flavorful glaze.  It was great!

Next year we'll know to plant the carrots further away from one another.  They were all on top of each other this year and because of that they didn't have much room to grow.  So we were able to harvest carrots but they weren't that big - oh well!

It's 11:00 and I am not feeling tired - I guess that's the downside to laying in bed all day trying to avoid light and sound.  Here's to hoping I still get a good night's sleep ...


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  1. hey - you were just saving a step to get baby carrots! ; )


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